Civil Engineering

The LDC, Inc. Approach

Our professionals are experts in civil engineering design. Our team’s experience allows us to provide services for all stages, from design feasibility to final engineering plans, incorporating the most current, cost-effective technologies while still meeting our client’s vision for the project.

The large number of repeat clients exemplifies our effectiveness in achieving this goal. We have implemented an efficient design process that allows us to quickly respond to client needs and meet every deadline.

LDC, Inc. has been a great partner for us on our suburban multifamily developments, particularly in Snohomish County. Their overall responsiveness, proactive approach to challenges, and relationships with jurisdictions have been a real asset for us.

Greg Van Patten, Sr. Vice President - Development, The Wolff Company

Civil Engineering
Above the Standard

LDC provides preliminary engineering services that solidify design elements, such as site layout, grading, utilities, and detention sizing, in preparation for the preliminary submittal to the governing agency. These services typically include preliminary grading plans, preliminary storm system plans, a preliminary drainage report, a Level 1 Downstream Analysis and preliminary water and sewer system Plans.

LDC's roadway design plans typically include horizontal control of road centerlines, R-O-W and easements, road grading, road profiles, road cross sections, intersection detailed grading plans for ADA compliance, stopping site distance analysis, bridges, and fish crossings.

LDC has extensive site grading experience on some of the toughest sites in the State and as such can provide unsurpassed Final Site Grading Plans. These plans include road grading, detailed site grading, including ADA compliance, detailed residential lot grading, grading quantity analysis to develop solutions to balance site, and retaining / rockery wall Location and height design.

Erosion Control measures typically necessitate the creation of a Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control (TESC) plans, notes, and details. These plans identify the means by which the contractor can achieve effective erosion and sediment control on the construction site.

LDC's storm water plans typically include storm conveyance systems, storm pipe profiles, detention/retention system design, water quality facilities, Low Impact Development (LID), direct discharge systems, capacity studies, storm outfall design, and storm pump system. We work hard to stay current on storm water regulations and technologies for our clients.

LDC's wastewater plans typically include sewer main and services, pipe main profiles, single family pumped system design, sewer lift station design, sewer force main design, capacity studies, trench-less sewer system design, and septic design incorporation (detailed septic design by others).

LDC's water system plans include water pipe design, water main profiles, if required, horizontal location/sizing of fire hydrant assemblies, blow-off valves, air release valves, pressure reducing stations, existing system connection design, trench-less water system design, Group “B” well design and reporting, well head system design, and well head design incorporation.

LDC has extensive irrigation design experience and as such can provide irrigation system design support. These plans include: irrigation conveyance pipe, irrigation system sizing analysis, irrigation conveyance design, irrigation intake facilities, irrigation pump stations, irrigation supplier procurement / coordination.

Civil Engineering
Above the Standard